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Welcome to our new Facedown Website

After many months of blood, sweat, tears and plenty of coffee and biscuits our brand new website is ready to be published! We have tried to think about you our customers and would like from the site, to make our service amazing for you!

We have added a hire shop to make it easy to see all our face down posturing equipment, added new pictures to show how they are used, and made it easy to reserve your items. We have added a brand new section to return your item easily after you have completed your face down posturing. We have also created this blog, we do speak to lots of customers who are really unsure what the posturing stage after eye surgery involves and how they will cope sitting or sleeping in a face down position. This blog will grow and answer questions about face down posturing after a retinal detachment, macular hole or vitrectomy eye surgery for patients who have just been diagnoseed.

We would love to have our customers contribute to our blog, so please send us your experiences of posturing, things that made the time pass quicker, any tips, and pictures of you on our equipment. We can then add to this blog and make a fantastic resource for anyone starting their posturing journey :)

Please email us any blog posts to

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